Reese & Stacy Parfitt report 12/31/19

In December we finished up the last two weeks of BBTI for the year. I got to  teach two days in the Ethnomusicology class, which was enjoyable.

We have been able to visit family in Michigan and New York on our winter break. The time off from school is an extra blessing to Stacy, and we are trying to make sure she gets some additional rest. As those on our Personal Updates mailing list have already heard, we have a baby on the way, due in mid July 2020! We praise the Lord for this blessing, and we appreciate prayer for all the upcoming changes. We need God’s wisdom!

Almost as soon as we get back to Texas next week, we are heading down to a 4-day prison revival. Please pray for safety as we travel and for the Lord to open hearts! We are thankful for laborers joining us in this needy ministry, and praise God for the opportunity to preach the Gospel in the prisons.

May God bless you all and renew your vision this year in your service to Him!

In Christ, Reese and Stacy Parfitt
Reese & Stacy Parfitt report 12/31/19

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